Welcome to LeSean Thomas 3.0. ¬†Finally got around to cleaning up around these parts. With that being said, look for more updates. My blogspot will be dying unfortunately, as this is where you’ll be able to get updates ( And Deviantart ). ¬†A little main production juice from one of my animation projects, CannonBusters. Hard at work! Thanks for visiting!


  1. is he smoking a J? anyways i look forward to seeing the finished product its exciting to see how it all comes together :D

  2. WoW, so this is wats’ keepin the graphic novel,LOL!! way to keep us on our toes as well as uppin’ your game, props!!

  3. :0 your story is being animated? thats CRAZY! Way to go :D i want to see it so badly ‘o’

  4. Maz    

    I bought the issue 0, and both variant covers off issue 1. I wish the graphic novel comes out soon, plus with an animated series in the way it would make a nice combo. Congrats on all the blood, sweat, and tears.

  5. Look at him, he’s so fucking hot blooded.

    You are a inspiration to us all, keep working hard!

  6. Awesome, are you doing any animation on this? The new site looks great by the way, you continue to inspire.

  7. Yo man your work is an inspiration I really enjoy the fact that you show us your process its a major learning experience! Thanks Nice site btw!

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