From the Producers who brought you “The Boondocks” & “Black Dynamite: The Animated Series” comes an unfiltered animated project the likes of which you’ve never seen. Our next, new animated venture. Stay tuned….

5 Comments on THE DRAMA IS COMING…

  1. kevin    

    oh dude.. ridiculously compelling image
    kinda feels like it could have a post-apocalyptic rpg feel (which would be rad) or some trippy psycho-analytical stuff à la Paranoia Agent.

    really looking forward to it. :]

    • This looks Epic, like a journey into a post american war ravaged world. The vivid contrast of dark and light, everything looks amazing! Can’t wait to watch.

  2. zeno    

    I’m liking the cover its a proper design. I’m gonna put it as my wall paper if you don’t mind.

  3. looks very promising. keep me updated

  4. Been looking forward to something like this

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