Boondocks: How to…

Above is another warm-up scribble filmed guerrilla style real quick. one hand on the cam, the other on the grind. It’s featuring Young Reezy wit his lil ig’nant swagger from the award-winning hit animated tv show i worked on as co-director/supervising character designer, “The Boondocks”.

This is me laying out a thumbnail i’d blown up. Here’s the video footage of me scribbling this out below:



4 Comments on Boondocks: How to…

  1. Bryan Rollins    

    LMFAO! @ “one hand on the cam, the other on the grind.”


  2. Brian    

    These are great LeSean! Hope you end up doin more – I can’t wait for the new cannon buster stuff.

    It’d be great to see how you do a page in your comic in one of these vids – but I know that’s a ton of work.

    Either way – thanks for posting these!

  3. Justin Jenkins    

    what up man! you should start coming out with dvds!

  4. proconpictures    

    i dig the guerrilla style!!!

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