Back again with another reprise turorial featuring the meat and potatoes of drawing and cartooning that tends to get overlooked. ths of course is a “cliffs notes” version of the process if you will, but i think still drives the point home that you have to KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, this stuff’s second nature to the pros on here, but i figure i’d get it out the way regardless right HERE

Also, as requested here’s another reprise regarding to the many steps i go through laying out pages and the many steps involved explained HERE

The rest is some stuff i rarely showed about regarding the old development of the arkanium character designs listed HERE


  1. Chris Sims    

    Okay, I forgot all about these. Thanks for the reminder. Also check your e-mail! Hit me back when you’re not busy.

  2. SketchbookAllstars    

    Great stuff here Lesean!

  3. eugene commodore    

    Your talents know no bounds homie

  4. UrbanBarbarian    

    Too damn cool as usual! Some one’s gotta stop you! I just don’t know who yet!

    See you next Tuesday, amigo!

  5. libra bear    

    Heh heh, I remember these, really helped with my development. Blowing up thumbs and developing them is great. Keeps the energy and looseness. Glen Keane also does a similar thing. Keep drawing and keep teaching boss

  6. Jonboy!    

    Les! Ahh yeah great stuff man–and thanks for the kind words too on my Ninja Scroll stuff –coming from you man makes me feel like a million bucks !!! Have you seen Afro Samaurai yet? I haven’tbut some of the character designs have your vibe too it–not sure if you pitched n in the Character desing stuff for that or not. And I’m really looking foward to the Drink and Draw stuff too! Can’t wait!!!!

  7. Ro    

    Hey Les! Love your artwork. You inspire me to keep it moving! Reach for your dreams!


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