Just so you know, i’ve contributed to an amazng new project/artbook called “FUSION JUNCTION VOL.2” Now, VOL1 was released some time ago to much fanfare. Joshua Middlteon, Eric Canete and a host of other korean and japanese artist collaborated to produce a pretty sick collection of contemporary character art.

I’ve been blessed enough to be contacted to contribute to volume 2. Featuring the works of Agasang, Taria Akitu and Stoneman. all monsters in their own right. To commemorate the release of VOL.1 and the amazing VOL.2 next month, the good folks at Robocon anime store is hosting a live art show/ signing/ book release show which will have myself, Eric Canete and Joshua Middlteon in attendance signing and greeting folks. should be good fun.

Here’s the description for VOL.2 :

“Round 2! In this corner, hailing from Japan, Korean, and the US are Agasang, Taira Akitu, Stoneman, and LeSean Thomas… Fusion Junction 2! Fusion Junction again brings you heavyweights of the character art world ready to dish out a wide range of styles without pulling any punches. Over 113 hardbound pages of beautifully printed art and interviews with the artists who created it. Fusion Junction 2 is sure to knock you out!”

WHEN: September 8th 6pm-11pm

WHERE: ROBOCON- 988 N HILL STR. #202 www.myspace.com/robocon

Be sure to come out and show love. also pick up a copy of the book. it promises to not disappoint!