Here’s another smidget of Midnight Marauders: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.2 (which features a collage of work mostly produced inside of ’06-’07) scheduled for release this summer.

There’s been a lot of talk about the recent Thundercats animated series by WB animation being brought back. Currently it’s been put on hold. That said, i’d like to finally reveal that I was working as the lead character designer in development on this new show along with mega talent and cool buddy, Sam Liu (Godzilla animated). Here’s just a smidget of the amount of designs produced for this project since the final look isnt near this.

Early Lion-o, and I wont get too far into who the kid is, but i think you can get the idea. below are several very, very, VERY EARLY ideas on how to approach the look graphically. I like the original pass out of the 3 the best though. more organic, y’know? I realize from a fanboy stand-point, this can easily turn into a scathing debate on “right and wrong” regarding our beloved thundercats, hee, hee, but i have to admit i was having some fun on this project.

fun stuff…..

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    very nice! so is this going in effect! i heard stuff here antd there! well i cant wait to see the second sketch book for the summer!

  2. Greg Howard    

    I don’t know if you know this or not but there is something wrong with your main website. Nice work by the way!

  3. LeSean Thomas    

    already fixed it this morning, thanks:)

  4. Lucas    

    Love your art… I really do!
    But I didnĀ“t like the designs… Something is very of with them. But you got a LOT of credit with me haha…A LOOOOOOOTTTT!!!

  5. Mike Winn    

    Incredible Designs though I know what you mean about everyone having an opinion about how Thundercats should be used. I’m curious though, is this the same pitch/project that 2-cents ( (his real name is eluding me at the moment but I believe he’s a director on Avatar)

    Also great stuff! I’m constantly a fan and inspired while also an aspiring animator and char-designer.

  6. Comic Fiction    

    Great stuff as usual. Love the designs overall, I’d have to see the direction they go in to know if I agree with it or not. But really cool work.

  7. UrbanBarbarian    

    So good it’s scary! I wanna see this version happen! Love the direction!

  8. END    

    Nasty wicked man! Too bad on the hold – this would kill!!!

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