Cannon Busters, my long-awaited, creator-owned, Action/fantasy graphic novel is doing well and is moving along. Its funny, each time i show my Boondocks co-worker/buddy Jeff Johnson a new page he goes “how the fuck do you STILL make time to draw a frikkin comic? much less, put out an artbook?” I always wanna tell him that i’m a sad, sad, lonely man who enjoys self-torture like the rest of the artists out there and once i find me a wife it will all end. She’ll set me straight. But i usually just look at him and hunch my shoulders like “i dont know?” Though, I have to say its looking amazing and will have a bunch of surprises in the guest-art area from back-up stories to pin-ups. I can’t wait to get this monkey off my back. its been years in the making and its still only VOL.1, lol. in anycase i think people will like it when its complete. i’ve been pretty wrapped up with The Boondocks: Season 2 production and its been taking up a lot of my time, but each page that gets completed brings a smile to my face and gets me closer to exhaling:) here’s a couple randoms, concept designs for characters that appear in the OGN and some warm-up sketches….fun stuff. I hope people enjoy it as much i did making it.