So yeah. I get asked thousands of versions of the same questions via email and the like that all end with “How do you go about drawing and what tools do you use?” That being the case and assuming nobody follows my stuff i’m going to use something i did a couple months ago to drive it home. the example would be a quick warmup sketch i did of UZUMAKI NARUTO! a wildly popular anime created by manga monster Masashi Kishimoto.


The rest is history. Its pretty simple. nothing flashy or fancy and didnt take too long for me to knock out. next time i get around to it, i’ll do the same with my comic pages…. i’ll post some new stuff this weekend:)

8 Comments on EVERY STEP YOU TAKE….

  1. Daniel Araya    

    You ever get a high res of that video of you drawing gouki?

  2. Chris Sims    

    I would love to see how you go about developing comic pages. Your panel layout is unique and the way you handle action…simply phenominal!

    That wonderful, yet underrated series Arkanium comes to mind.

  3. scott    

    this is wicked. love seeing artist’s process. another idea might be to show the development of a character design.

  4. Jonboy!    

    Les! HA ha! Now I know all your tricks now!!! LOL Great stuff mang! Nice to see you still laying it down! When is CB coming out? Def let me know if you need a pinup or two for filler–I’d love to put something together for ya!

  5. Kanokadafi    

    Yo LES, I know you probably hate “how to books” as much as the next pro, but from a business point of view, you’d make a killing son LOL.

  6. LeSean Thomas    

    no doubt, i’ll have them for sure in the full color Vol.2 book this summer. they didnt make it in the first sketchbook cause i realized i wanted to use color.

    And i dont hate the “how to” books….just the how to draw anime” ones.lol. they are usually done by people who can’t draw well, never worked on an anime show, or in the industry lol.

  7. arrick    

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  8. arrick    

    Sup bro, are you checking your email. I got a Pay Pal Receipt Number: 3439-9791-6897-1687 I need to know a time frame thanks.

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