SPEED GESTURE DUMP. 60 seconds each. Hope you guys are busy!

5 Comments on GESTURE DUMP

  1. Michael Yates    

    jw are u using a model or any reference?

  2. libra bear    

    These look amazing, but most thing you do looks amazing, I really love the sense of weight you give with the running poses. Is Korea boosting your skills, i know those guys are amazing……

  3. mondoe    

    Amazing!!!! YOur are indeed an inspiration!

  4. zeno    

    I’m such a fan of yours and I love drawing alot, but i have to ask why draw a milion diffrent poses on one page? Is it used as drawing skill for comics?

  5. zin    

    i want to ask four questions but i doubt it be answer do you draw everyday and how did your style develop over the years did you just draw a lot of your favorite anime, and manga characters in just took what you like and make something on your own
    i just want to know
    if i draw from my favorite manga, and animated series and study their style will it rub of on me?
    how do you know what to draw?
    if you answer i thank you for the time you spent replying because i know your a very busy dude who always drawing and working
    so thanks if you do :)

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