just finished a rough storyboard.

i am half-dead as always around this time, lol.

thought i’d through up Dome scribbles i produced over several phone conversations.

Yay for Col-erase BLUE pencils.

5 Comments on GIVING HEAD

  1. Illink    

    Love the variations in shapes u were able to get. I like working with blue col-erase pencils myself. I love the look of it when I go over the drawing with the tighter black line.

    Thanks for sharing

    Danell Johnson

  2. Daniel Velu    

    Oh do I need to work on getting more variations on the characters I draw as well fff. Real nice looking scribbles c:

  3. brandon    

    dopeness. Are you in the land of Kimchee?

  4. Xiou Ping    

    Fierce as ever, love you and your work!

    you tha' bomb!!!!

  5. zeno    

    i love the title of your scribble and thanks for posting it. It actualy made me get better at drawing diffrent sides of character faces.

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