Above are a couple more teaser pages from “Midnight Marauders: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.2” 150 pages full clor, hardback.

Featurings ome random conceptual designs of a really cool and unorthodox creator-owned project (i’ll prolly NEVER get to) about vampires.

Next to it is another page featuring Fran from the now defunct Thundercats Animated series i was developing for Warner Bros at one point. She turns into Cheetarah. Spunky lil character. some color and such.

Some sad news. Midnight Marauders: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.2 will not be debuting at Sandiego Comicon. it will, however be available in the coming weeks and will have all the nessesary coverage through comic sites and outlets when its complete. I’ve decided to add a little more to it when i was in Europe and i’m still finalizing the design on the cover and i’m not gonna rush it just for San Diego. it’s way too big of a deal for something like sandiego to rush it out half-assed. so, like all my other projects, quality comes first.

Be on the lookout for it when its complete. what you CAN look for however is NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol1. as well as ANOTHER artbook i’m dropping with KINOKUNIYA BOOKSTORES (and japanesse bookstores overseas) called “FUSION JUNCTION: The Art of Contemporary Character Design Vol.2″ featuring peices from myself, and 3 other world-known artists from korea and japan.

I’ll be signing and sketching for my ARTBOOKS, THE BOONDOCKS and any other LeS-related materials you bring with you at PLAYMAGAZINE’S BOOTH Friday and Saturday from 1-3 pm. MOre info on the BOOTH # shortly next week before the con.

Should be nuts.

And of course dont forget ” The Boondocks Season 2: Teaser Panel” at Sandiego comicon that i will be attending as well. make sure you get a seat, it’s gonna be a packed room with the all-star cast and crew in attendance and A-Mac (McGruder) himself!