hey gang….

and in other cool news, i’m honored to say that i’ve been contacted by the very popular, prestigious character design blog for an interview and its up for viewing now!

Special thanks to Randall Sly for the interest and honor.

if you dont know, character design blog is a very popular website that centers around news, interviews and galleries featuring the gorgeous works from some of the top designers, animators, directors and illustrators from games to movies to comics in the industry. Interviews with greats like Craig Berry, Steve Gordon, Pete Oswald, Bobby Chiu, CHen Yi-Chang, Stephen Silver to blazing up and coming peers like Kevin Dalton and my comrads Sean Galloway (HellBoy, Spiderman), David Colman (Class of 3000) and many more. i’m honored to be considered a rank amongst great talents like these guys..

be sure to check the other galleries and interviews listed there. there’s some phenoominal monsters out there to learn from, but for now, click below for my interview: Character Design Blog INTERVIEW

i remain y’all…

Mummra concept sketches from thundercats development. did a couple lazy doodles of the original to get started on my new designs….you can see those in Midnight Marauders: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol2 dropping at SDCC (and available for purchase online simultaneously at next month.

Above are hades workshop sessions. 15 and 20 minute sketches. been a while since i posted the “raw” as i like to call it, lol. I still dont think this life drawing stuff is very popular on Deviant Art, but i really love this stuff when i’m doing it and gotta show the young cats who look up to me that sometimes, it really is all about hard work and knowing the basics of draftsmanship, before you get infactuated with style and the importance of it.

Believe me when i tell you any pro influenced by anime and manga worth their weight in skills will agree that the anime/cartoony shit is just icing. Know the rules, THEN break them!!!

As for me, still practicing….