Back to studying. Random warm-up scribbles done at a local Cafe in Los feliz i’ve been frequenting as of late. I like ‘em cause they stay open ’till 2 am. I’ve been getting bored with drawing in my home lately, so i’m rocking it at cafes these days to get juiced up. These took about 40-seconds each. off the dome (that’s off-the-cuff, or, no reference for the “Ebonically Challenged”). Another sneak peek into “Midnight Marauders: AoLeS Vol.2.”

6 Comments on PUSH IT ALONG….

  1. Dominic Bugatto    

    Like’em .

  2. Saskia    

    very strong and dynamik, please post more of them. I personally like these kind of sketches very much :)

  3. Jon Tsuei    

    Nice work Lesean. It was cool seeing you again in NYC.

    I’m going to get a copy of your sketchbook and ask you to sign it once I’m in LA.

  4. UrbanBarbarian    

    These are so good my head hurts. You owe me an asprin!

  5. Coree    

    as always great stuff LeS. I just picked up the march PLAY magazine, and the first page I opened had picked done for the editor & chief by you. Really great stuff!! Did you do the colors as well?

  6. Coree    

    had a *pic done…

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