Some of the realest talk on Animation as a whole and a much-needed kick in the ass to any aspiring animator/ artist in animation production.

oh, and MUMMRA


  1. RAWLS    

    sweeeeet. Who didn’t love Mummra!?! Great sketches my friend.

  2. â™ Krayola Jonezâ™     

    My (my) God (god)…gifted he looks like a worthey opponent that i can take down…sike nah beautiful ferocity is more like it…nice pik bruh

  3. Chris Sims    

    That Mummra is vicious, homie! I’m digging the top heavy design and his weak form is pretty dame creepy.

  4. VHS    

    Word, Bakshi’s throwin’ down! However, can one deny that having a major animation company like Disney backing their artwork is like having a golden ticket….

    and going independent the way he entails really DOES require a working spouse. ;)

    Thanks for posting!! And, of course, sweeeet Mummra…!!

  5. VHS    

    P.S. And a very understanding spouse if you’re havin’ your guy friends over and eating junk all the time…

  6. A.son of Jack ! ---> Great Music, Fun Partys, Fine Art, & the Good Life...    

    Thank You for this video mang. Its what inspiring animation like me need.

  7. albert taylor    

    I loved everything Sir Ralph Bakshi sed, definitely for aspiring animators thanks a lot for the link!

    That Mummra IS a ‘God’ love the transformation concepts too.. The Cloak/Wings really complements design.

  8. Mastershokhan    

    -What’s the name of the all in one animation program?

    -Lovely Mummra

    -Any news on the Artbook?

  9. DAN-VAN-COOL    

    Repost, I gotta learn to proof read :P
    This is great man. This advise is exactly what my Boss did to create New Machine Studios, where I now work. He prefers to keep the team small, and its an perfect way to have several roles in the production.

    Great post man.

  10. rad sechrist    

    That Mummra is awesome!

  11. Brian Sydnor    

    MAN I shouldn’t have missed that panel haha! At least you delivered it, gift wrapped for your readers!

    Even if you love Disney, the bombs he dropped in those 10 minutes should still leave you reeling. Thanks, Ralph! ‘Hope that speech gets passed around the net over time.

    Nice Mum-Ra, btw.

  12. FerdinandKreozot    

    Dude, your work is simply awesome and ridiculously inspiring!
    Compliments to your skill and cheers to your pens and pencils.

    Kind regards,


  13. SteveLambe    

    That’s one badass Mummra.

  14. joverine    

    Hey LeSean!
    this is the MummRa I was talkin’ about in my Deviantart ‘note’ to you yesterday! I love it and wish that the show got a chance to air-the designs alone would’ve kept me glued to the tv!
    here’s the fanart I made inspired by a mix between your version, the original version and part of me:)

    thanks for the constant inspiration

  15. Your site is like a mountain full of treasure sire!

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