9 Comments on "TAJUU KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!!!!!"


    vary cool what i c right there

  2. joverine    

    wow these are great
    I just posted a page of Bishamon sketches on my blog all clustered like this …but after seeing yours I wanna take mine down! lol…

    is this what you're workin on in Korea by any chance?


  3. Ken of Kinetek    

    GOOD GAWD MAN I wonder which person is gonna snag this and add color to it

  4. A. N. MAYO    

    hey man i've been a fan of your work some time now. Good luck in the city of seoul your living the dream man. keep up the good work. you make us wannabes feel like it possible peace les.

  5. King M. Mugabi    

    this is an epic piece, you can tell you had fun on it.


  6. samax    

    dope, cousin (as normal).
    keep shining!

  7. Jeffrey Lai    

    so dynamic!
    great pencils!

  8. BROCASSO    

    Tthis is tight!

    It almost looks like a b-boy acid trip.

  9. zeno    

    you drew this. WOW!!!!

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