Been a while. Boondocks kickin my ass (among many other things). In anycase, i was flipping through my many “Groundworks of…” anime books and noticed flipping through my huge pile of discarded layout/key frame artwork that i’d been doing the exact same thing (except i dont compile huge volumes of my layout work for the shows i work on cause i’m not authorized to) with my own stuff. Here’s one of the many key framed sequences done for an animated intro for the cannonbusters website that just never got done…

10 keys in all (inbetweens to be added, charted in lower right corner). Philly the kid just turning with his gun. simple stuff. this was to end the animated intro with him firing the logo at you! woulda been cool, but just dont have time…i’ll save that for when i actually get the series picked up, lol.

rough, but fun altogether.