6 Comments on UPDATE: VIDEO BLOG!!!!!!!!!

  1. Crystal Chang    

    Kill’n dem softly….Word…Voice is seductive no doubt…n thatz why imma stay tuned!:) Keep Doin Your Thing! Rock-cc

  2. Tony    

    What about Cannon Busters? What’s going on there? When is it dropping?
    Tell us more!

  3. DAN-VAN-COOL    

    Its nice to just listen for once beside all the reading on blogs and DA messages I get. The vid ideas cool man.

  4. Mr.Magoo    

    Nice work B! How you get that cell shade look? Izzt a layer effect in PS?

  5. SACKS    

    very cool pic. I see a lot of story potential in this one image. An image is powerful when it poses the viewer to wonder what’s behind it and stimulates them to imagine what’s going on with the character. HOT SH**

  6. J. Griffaud    

    Very nice this pic, I prefer this kind of work

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