Randoms….some of these are new….some not… from 1-minute scibbles to 15 and 20 minute sessions… I can’t front though, i’ve got some bomb-ass female models in my classes, lol….Who says comic/ animation guys arent surrounded by sexy girls just dying to take their clothes off for us? ;)

You can tell which ones took the longest or shortest by the strokes. I have to say, nothing showcases your limitations and weaknesses as a draftsman more than life and figure drawing (perspective comes as a close second), lol. Man i gotta step my bench press game up!

8 Comments on WEIGHT LIFTING…….

  1. Chris Sims    

    Nothing better than a good ol’ fashioned life drawing session. Too bad there aren’t any classes around my neck of the woods.

  2. Kanokadafi    

    Nice Les, life drawing definitely keeps you sharp, i try to go atleast once a week.

  3. Roc    

    great work man. . . .really dig the life drawings

  4. libra bear    

    Good, I’m glad you put life drawing up on your blog. Was checking your deviant page and on one post you were saying you don’t get as many hits with life drawing. I think a lot of people fail to understand your cartoon stuff is good because of your strong observational skills and life drawing. It’s ironic because your one of the reasons I started doing life drawing (serious). Keep em comin bro, I love the cartoon stuff but learn from the life drawing.

  5. Daniel Araya    

    Do you see any improvement in your stuff because of it? Or even, do you feel like you’re learning more because of it?

  6. LeSean Thomas    

    Sure. Life drawing practice is like underwear: you can never have too much :)

  7. Aaron Paetz    

    Nice work man! Looks like you make it downtown on tues nights. I totally agree with what you say about life drawing!

    I’ll be back!

  8. I agree with libra bear I like the finished product but theres nothing more valuable to someone learning on their own than the study sketches and ground works. Thank God for you and Seung Kim I’d never be where I am or where I’m goin without you two. I learned so much from just drawing what he drew. Can’t imagine what you learned from working along side him. Keep it up man I need a back to chase (and one day overtake)

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