So, yeah….. believe it or not, The Boondocks Animated Series on adult swim, the illest animated cartoon to hit prime time television (hehe) has now got the japanese treatment.

Airing last month on one of Japan’s Premiere animation channels, ANIMAX: ANIMAX PAGE

The Boondocks has officially been dubbed in japanese. Now, i’d heard about this for some time, but had yet to actually SEE what they’d done.

More importantly, i was curious to see how the social, political and racial commentary this show is famous for (not to mention the Black Humor), would be translated to the good, conservative folk over in japan, so i managed to get a link to a “youtube” page of sorts from a japanese website where someone posted up a clip from the first episode: CLIP

I dont know what is more bizarre… the fact that our characters are speaking in japanese, or the fact that, in my personal opinion, they literally RUINED the main title song by replacing it with something else!