Ok so it’s official. I’ll be attending the NYC comicon this coming weekend , Feb 24th and 25th. I’ll be actually signing with Comic Book Mogul, MIDTOWN COMICS, Sunday FEb 25th at 3:30-4:30PM at BOOTH #645. They’re not hard to find. The ill thng about this is, this is the first time i’ll be signing as a professional at a convention in NYC ever! So this is a speacial thing for me, however small a time frame it is, lol (i can’t believe i actually made time to attend, lord knows i have no life with all the work lined up). I’ll be bringing it home for my hometown with MIDTOWN COMICS (where i used to shop regularly in my early twenties). They are carrying NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS: The ARt Of LeSean Thomas Vol.1 sketchbooks for me to sign, as well as Boondocks Complete Season 1 DVDS to scribble on!! Definately come through and show love *and easy on the season 2 questions, it’s COMING!, lol*

I remain y’all,



  1. Chrispy    

    DOPE! Will have to stop by and say whats up mang, oh and Congrats also man, i imagine thats a huge achievment for you to be able to do the signing like that in your hometown.

  2. Khalid    

    all day ury day.

  3. David Colman    

    nice man…wish I was rollin through this year…but too close to wondercon….
    good luck..

    stop by celia calle’s booth if you can…she kicks ass man

  4. LeSean Thomas    

    no doubt homie! actually, its just a quick pop-in and out. I actually have family to visit in the BX.

    But yeah you should definaetly make your way to the east man. NYC CON is HUGE.

    about calle, will do.


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