Yup. it’s coming. i know y’all get tired, but good things take TIME! in the mean time, i’ll drop little morsels here and there.

CANNON BUSTERS OGN looks to be done in 4th Quarter 2007.

in the mean time, Midnight Marauders : The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.2 (full color, hard cover madness!) will be there to hold y’all at sandiego comicon.

and Season 2 of the Boondocks will be dropping this year too, so y’all will get y’all LeSean fix, no worries!

ABOVE: a teaser page from the fantasy grahic novel featuring everybody’s favorite thug royal guardian ‘ODIN.’ out of context, but still fun shit. trust me when i say this project is gonna be FUN! (and so worth the fucking wait, lol )

more soon!