Wallpaper Fun…¬†Philly trying his best to look dapper. even with wearing boots with slacks and his T Shirt under his dress shirt….

OGN comin!

Hope you’re all busy on your projects!

5 Comments on PHILLY THE KIDD

  1. ~ tOkKa    

    –>> YEH BABY !! !!

    Love him so much !!

    O man !! !! !!

  2. Brian Miller    

    I love the little details – like the designs on the shoes or the shirt under the shirt.

  3. Gen-00    

    Philly is awesome

  4. abhishek singh    

    love ur stuff!! big fan of ur designs
    waiting for the book eagerly

  5. Space Station Orbiter: Cloud 99    

    I love the movement, and the way you construct your fingers. It reminds very much of both CowBoy BeBop and Street Fighters

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