Another tidbit from the craziest, most funnest action fantasy graphic novel ever comin soon, Cannon Busters!

Featuring LOCK, the meanest muthafukin’ MUPPET SORCERER this side of GEARBOLT. plus, the nigga uses STANDS, SON!LOL. Wait till him and Philly the Kidd meet up!

Anyways, CB is scheduled to be complete july of 2008. Sketchbook,pinupgalleryand guest backs-ups and all. Oversized European-Book format, hard cover, embossed cover and all that. gonna be something special, garunteed. Pencils will be completed end of this year. I think when it drops, it will create a tsunami of influence and fun that hasnt been felt inna minute….. the game needs fun comics like this!!! i’m playin my part! LOL.

Here’s a rough layout of one of the pages from the graphic novel. Featuring a page out of context introducing “The New Deal” peace treaty celebration. Also a couple random conceptual sketches of characters from the graphic novel. I know some of y’all think i’m showing too much. but trust me when i say i’ve got so much material for this project that’ll be in the ogn sketchbook, these are minute (ask Philly Bee what my art room looks like! he’ll tell you!) Fun Stuff.

This is a page when i was in the early process of producing this book, i produced most of my pencils on 11X17 ( Issue #1). But now i’ve taken to cutting that in half and am now producing on 8.5 X 11 size paper, similar (not the same) as the manga comic size. it’s easier, faster and i can really control my shapes more drawing smaller. not to mention, it cuts my workload in half. i’d mostly apply 11X17 size paper to splashes and scenes that need hyper detail and emphasis…..

who here works that small? do you pro/ beginner/aspiring comic artists out there still actually draw on that big ‘ol bristol paper these days?