Just another teaser to my 100+ paged action-fantasy graphic novel, “Cannon Busters.” shown here are characters LOCK, ODIN and Prince Toji (lil dude carried around like a rag-doll. I’m chipping away at this behemoth of a project ( mainly cause of all the other big things i’m currently involved in) but its getting close. CB ownz y’all!

10 Comments on SLOWLY, BUT SURELY…….

  1. UrbanBarbarian    

    Eff’n beautiful, Lesean! 100 pages, eh? When do you think you’ll be done?

  2. libra bear    

    DAAAMMMMMNNNN, tell me you didn’t colour it as well? Thats a cool image. Can’t wait for the release.

  3. ButterfishManiac    


  4. Jason Martin    

    That’s looking simply stunning!

    Some day…

  5. CCarman    

    man, that kicks all kinds o ass!!!!

  6. uriel    

    Damn your always rockin that bad ass shit!

  7. Tom    

    Man, I actually remember trying to watch your show way back on, but I had dial up and yeah…..Any plans to rerelease battleseed on dvd or a new site in da near future.

  8. Tom    

    And again, that Cannon busters iz just lookin stunnin’.

  9. Kristen McCabe    

    Yowza! That’s Fantastic! Goddamn!!! Thanks for posting such a large pic. It’s nice to see all those beautiful details up close. (I like the swirly smoke in the last panel)

  10. IOTA11    

    that is simply stunning man!

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