Here’s an illustration for PLAY MAGAZINE’S ” GIRLS of GAMING VOL.4″ featuring Saya from Sony’s “BLOOD+” anime series. Ironically, this piece was given to me by Editor and good buddy Dave Halverson, which also happens to be the same series thats being dubbed in english here in the Apple Street Building here at Sony Pictures Televison Animation studios. I think it turned out strong for a rush-job. Colors by the wonderful Saskia Gutekunst (in my links). look for more wonderful collaborations from us down the line:)

hope you like!:)

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  1. Anonymous    

    Welcome to the world of Blog! Looking forward to your posts homie!

  2. Anonymous    

    welcome to the blog realm, LeSean! man, i still get goosebumps when looking at the beautiful illustration.

  3. Maleficium    

    I am glad you are doing a blog. I am a big fan of your work. This piece is awesome! Happy Holidays to you and yours.


  4. Kelsey    

    Damn, pardo! Look who’s talking!!!

    This is sa-weet!!!

    I’m glad your blogging, dude!

    I need my LeS fix!

  5. Mark    

    Hey Les, nice to see you bloggin’….when am i getting my sketchbook? hehehehehe, no really, when?

  6. CREON    

    Nice to see you here Les :)
    Can’t wait to see your kickass arts and hear about your projects…
    Welcome on Blog ;)



  7. LeSean Thomas    

    Thanks y’all, just getting under way here…i’ll definately be a regular here…

    see you guys on the blogs..


  8. Anonymous    

    never really got into the whole blog thing, but since it’s yours, i’ll keep an eye out fam. nice work!

  9. Kanokadafi    

    What up Fam, just stumbled on your blog, can’t wait to see what crazyness your into at the moment.


  10. Anonymous    

    Damn fine piece.

  11. LauraBraga    

    Your illustration is amazing!!
    I really like your color and style!!!


  12. END    

    Sup man…Good to see you blogging – too bad about the forum…Spam is just out of control these days…hit me up…

  13. Dominic Bugatto    

    Nice one!

  14. libra bear    

    YES!!! Finally you have a blog. Been following your work since Arkanium Just wanted to take this opportunity to say you have been a big, BIG inspirational source to me. As far as I’m concerned, your up there with the greats. Keep up the magnificent work. Gonna be visiting your blog on the regs.
    PS Your sketchbook incredible.

  15. David Zweig    

    les is always more! HAHA…humbling…quite humbling.

  16. GhettoFab    

    just wanted to give you a big fan boy shout out!You work is truly inspirational. Wishing you the best in the 07.

    Happy new year!

  17. Q7D2    

    Tight Sketch! Keep Bangin.

  18. Christopher Jones    

    nice work fam!

  19. Chris Sims    

    I love this illo bro! Saskia really did justice to your lines. Y’all make an awesome team!

  20. Animulder    

    that’s hot!!!

  21. Rann    

    Waowww.. dat style… so awesome!!!

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