Drink & Draw Social Club, Vol.1!!!!!!

Firstly, wanted to say Happy New Year to y’all. Hope all your upcoming projects and current projects are going well!

Thought i’d ring in the new year with news of one of the first of many things popping off this year that i’m involved in.

My fellow west coast illustrators/Figure drawing buddies Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian and Jeff Johnson (co-worker) Started an ingenius little social venue for art geeks and alcoholics alike called “Drink and Draw Social Club,” where various pros, vets and wannabes all gather under one pub every sunday in Santa Monica and drink copius amounts of alcohol and draw random shit. Regular members like Jim Mahfood, Kat Von D from Miami Ink, Josh Middleton, Felipe Smith, myself among others would all come through and lay it down as best we could under the influence, lol. Fun for all. Since then, its grown all over the states, spawning regional versions naming themselves “Drink and Draw” as well (but we the ORIGINATORZ! ha!) and has expanded into an all-state phenomenon.

Well, Dave, Dan and Jeff decided to put out a collected volume featuring all of the creative vomit we spewed during those inebriated nights into such an astoundingly sweet bartop/coffetable artbook, thats its BOUND to spawn copies from other drink and draw clubs all-over. Featuring sick scribbles, doodles photos of wildy inappropriate shenanigans and white-out and markered masterpieces from dave, dan, jeff, myself, josh, felipe, mahfood and others, it’s definately going to turn some heads as it’s easily the BEST-LOOKING art book released so far in 2007.

Here’s an interview featuring the gang yapping about it @ NEWSARAMA.COM!

The Drink & Draw Social Club, Vol. 1 hardcover is due in comic and books stores this month. The 112 page hardcover book will sell for $24.99. you can also pre-order it at AMAZON.COM! pre-order your copy now!

8 Comments on Drink & Draw Social Club, Vol.1!!!!!!

  1. Kanokadafi    

    Nice!!! I’m gonna start a draw and O.D sketch club.

  2. Joshua James    

    Well, Well, Well…

    Look who has a blog…

    ^ ^

  3. LeSean Thomas    

    Long over due, homie:)

  4. Dominic Bugatto    

    fun post!

  5. Marc Deering    

    Looking good, man. :)

  6. Christopher Jones    

    pretty nice man. good thing i don’t drink, otherwise i’d be putting out some scary stuff.

  7. Daniel    

    Ah man, sorry to see the forums go down. The work’s lookin bad ass as always, let me know when a D.C. drink and draw springs up!

  8. Andre Barnwell    

    Wicked. Good to se you on the blog scene.

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