Radio Interview this past Thursday, feb 24th with TBS / KOREA’S STEVE HATHERLY SHOW, discussing my career, Life here in Korea as a foreigner working in animation and discussing an American perspective on Outsourcing and my experience thus far.

Hope enjoy!!!


4 Comments on TBS/KOREA RADIO INTERVIEW FEB 24th @ 3pm!

  1. Good stuff man. GLAD to see you doing your thing. don’t forget to post the download after the interview.

  2. You know that’s the same time as the NFL draft! Haha. I’ll tune in tho’. You inspire artist and can’t wait to hear it.

  3. Oops… Not NFL Draft, the combines… Ha!

  4. That was awesome, reminds me of how much I’ve got to go, very insiprational……….!!

    I hope that I can be doing something similar but more in Japan, as I am studying the language for that purpose.

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