SEOUL SESSIONS : Ep2- ” The Foreign Exchange “

SEOUL SESSIONS : Ep2 – ” The Foreign Exchange” from LeSeanThomas on Vimeo.

From comes Episode 2 of Seoul Sessions, “The Foreign Exchange.” LeSean Meets TV Animation Director Kim Kidoo at JM Animation Studios and talks about The Korean Animation Industry. Follow @

5 Comments on SEOUL SESSIONS : Ep2- ” The Foreign Exchange “

  1. DISTRAKT    

    Seeing your work haves me forgetting that i’m watching an animation.

  2. when is three coming out my mouth is watering for more, you have heart for living you life by your own term keep up the awesome work man.

  3. “Herstory” by the Flying Lizards…?! Haven’t heard that in years…. One of the albums that formed the soundtrack to my own Art School years back in the 80s. Enjoying the documentary diary – loving the animation too.

  4. I swear you are one of my heroes now.
    I want to be an animator one day too and its difficult to figure out sometimes. Its kinda lame that you have to move across the world a lone to animate and produce an action film, and its a bit disappointing to learn that the finalizing of it isn’t even made in the states. Its awesome that you like Gainax/Production I.G’s style of animating, I love it. You have no idea how inspirational this is. Thank You.

  5. Taj    

    seeing what you do is truly a life changing inspiration to me and i it gives me the motivation to strive get better so mere one day i can get a chance to work in this field… also i noticed zerg in the background in 8:33 lol

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