SEOUL SESSIONS: EPISODE 3 ” Finding The Hero “

“From comes Episode 3 of Seoul Sessions, “Finding The Hero.” TV animation Producer/Director/Artist LeSean Thomas (Black Dynamite:The Animated Series, The Legend of Korra, The Boondocks) travels across the city of Seoul in South Korea to visit Sunmin Animation Studios to look at Character Designs for an animated project in production.”

4 Comments on SEOUL SESSIONS: EPISODE 3 ” Finding The Hero “

  1. living the dream dude love the seoul sessions

  2. I’m loving those character designs and can’t wait to see the series

  3. Hey I know that your definitely busy i was just wondering since I moved to NY wheres a good place to start looking for a job in drawing, cartoons.

  4. Awesome man!…….. Can’t wait to see the completed project

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