Looks like its on again for the Freemans:-)

“They was telling me all the time, for the last six months, that it’s not coming back,” the comedian said in a recent interview with Huntsville’s Hot 103.5. “I talked to Aaron McGruder the other day; it’s coming back.” -John Witherspoon

And, according to John, the new season will be bigger and better than ever before. “They’re going to do 20 shows this time instead of 15,” he revealed.

John’s excited to get back in the booth to bring Granddad back to life because of the awesome compensation he got in comparison to the amount of work he actually did.


  1. So excitted

    • …Weren’t we all excited back then? I mean in 2011 hearing about the fourth season…just for it to turn out to be crappy crap…I am so sad this season is the worst season and the last season…but if this is what Aaron McGruder wants then I’l just continue to enjoy his last three seasons I love him he’s so amazing and I always thought so ever since I started watching Boondocks when I was a kid. :) I always used to see his name at the ending credits <3 peace out Boondocks I love your truth, Aaron McGruder's truth.

  2. So happy to hear that this is coming out. Not going to lie Season three just didn’t satisfy me as and ending to such a great series!

    What’s you involvement on this season of the show Lesean? Art Director?

  3. I can’t weight for it to come out and they need to make more seasons after this also

  4. Geno    

    I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it on Adult Swim. Love Grandad he’s the best!

  5. Nick    

    I’ve drawing as long as I remember and I was makin kinda same style characters like The Boondocks (Riley and Huey) Before I came in touch with your art. I watched whole season 1 till 3 in few days time and I love it, the characters look so lively and real! Keep those seasons commin plz.

    Thx for 3 great season I’m ready for the 4th!!:

  6. ??? i though the previous season was the last, i hear them say that.

  7. zeno    

    wow a next season this is awsome and i cant wait, truly season three was cool but the way it ended was not right, so i hope season 4 has an amazing ending that no one will never froget. The way i think the ending should go, is with every main chracter in there almost like the red ball(season 3 epeisode 3)that would have been good episode to end season 3

  8. I    

    I am happy about this, and really hope this is true. Due to the fact that there is a lot of negativity saying that there wont be. But I also hear that it will be shown October 23, 2011. I don’t know if it’s true but my fingers are crossed! :)

  9. Lies but ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i doubt it will happen, so many people have been saying it will happen and it hasnt! the year is almost over what is taking them so gosh dang long! >:(

  10. I Hope yall my niggaz make all the new seasons of the boondocks and how long yall making for us we are waiting for it come in and the boondocks is funny as hell people be watching of it and please hurry up I want watch the boondocks season when it come out and I will record the boondocks on the DVD I got Satelite Dish.
    This is Soulja Boy The Rapper
    I Love Watching The Boondocks in M Life.

  11. I am excited that it is coming out but when…. ask him that!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!

  12. Its going all the way to season 5 & that will be it yall

  13. i just cant wait

  14. mike    


  15. please tell me this is for real! i’ve been waiting for season 4 for forever!

  16. damn huey man you are good i wonder when you will get with jazmine you to look good together man and i hope they make all of you when yall get older negga and you all say negga to damn much i dont even ay it that damn much man i meen fuck
    your big lover fan, H.R.Paper Stacks

  17. When is season 4 coming out I love the boondocks is the greats cartoon show ot
    better the family Guy and the simsons

  18. cnt wait 4 season 4..i bn so waitin 4 it 4rm d day i watchd d last episode of season 3..nid it so bad

  19. Hey men boondocks is sick men when is it coming out lots of niggaz been waiting for it men just at least men show us trailer men


  20. I just can’t wait 4 season 4

  21. plz tell me my shit is coming back nigga, i can’t want 4 it man niggas been waiting 4 that shit cox the simsons and family guy is so lame but boondock tht my shi. is this 4 real man don’t joke with me man.

  22. Adultswim just announced there will be a season 4, maybe july….

  23. yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaah boi!

  24. Jay    

    awesome cant wait for season 4 and ur fantastic artwork huge fan you my idol

  25. when is season 4 cummin out and i luv that riley and im lik a twin to huey they remind me of willow and jayden smith kinda grandad matches with hes sound person and i luv regina king luv her!!!!!! :) thy make me rofl and lofl thy r so hilarious and awsome and cute!

  26. i luv Jazmine also ~pause~ no homo~ she is so awsome her dad is alil weird though!!!! cant wait till season 4

    Riley~ Pause~No Homo~ :*
    Huey ~ Revolutionary :*
    Granddad~ somebody gon get an a*!woopen in a minute
    Jazmine~ what happen to my daddy
    Tom~ I dont wanna go to jail, Im goin to get annually raped there
    lol:0 info me on it u kno wen season 4 comes out. ~Say it in Riley voice~:)

  27. Yeeaah booi! Cant wait…in fact I’m still waiting..

    Come on, all ready!

  28. love this show pause no homo

  29. man im really pumped up for the 4th season ( season 2 episode 13 “homies over hoes awsome”

  30. but seriously when 4th season coming, we have all been waiting hecka long for it.

  31. On July 8th, 2013 a friend of mines who is trying to pitch a cartoon to CN along with me got confirmation from Killer Mike and Jason Demarco that Boondocks will be coming with a new Season. There are also news outlets reporting it online.

  32. i so enjoy watching boondocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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