The newest animated project i’ve been involved in as in-house storyboard artist since last summer is finally about to surface! BEN10:ALIEN FORCE! for those of you familiar with Cartoon Network’s successful BEN10 series, this is an all new series! A sequel if you will, to the original series with all new fun and a grown up gang you’ve known to love. tons of action and new adventures starts in april 2008!

Be sure to hit Cartoon for updates and news!

3 Comments on BEN10: ALIEN FORCE COMING APRIL '08!!!!!

  1. Michael OHare    

    Hey Les,

    Doing good man. Thanks for the comments I appreciate it. I tried emailing you but I think the addy I have for you is toast. The Ben 10 gig sounds cool.


  2. DAN-VAN-COOL    

    Hey Lesean
    I finished some Thor pages I have been working on. Its Thor based more closely on the Myth rather than the clean shaved blonde haired version. This was a great Learning curve for me as they all should, but I would be very grateful if you could just give a look over it and let me know what you think or where you see any issues. I’ll except praise also :D
    Ben 10 looks cool, I like the big red dude with 4 arms. As big as he is he looks pretty agile too.
    Thank you.

  3. Golden Nigz Rong    

    damn thats really cool, never seen BEN10 but got to check it out now. How did you get involved with cartoon network?

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