Thats right. Free Booze. Free Sketches. Shots. Sold original pieces right off the walls. it was an event, yo. Easily about 100 people rolled through and we sold buku books, ran classic hip hop: slum village, Dilla, Madlib, East and west coast classics, props, handshakes and love and an intensly inebriated Felipe Smith brought it all home. Y’all shoulda came thru for those who missed it. it was live. Thanks to Dan, Dave and Jeff for the plan and the fans for the love and turn-out. It was also great to see Eric Canete and Joaqim De Santos. Props to Josh Middleton, Jim Mahfood, Madtwinz and everyone else who rolled through. Most of all, thanks to MELTDOWN COMICS for the support and allowing such an event to be housed at such a great bookstore.

Definately come out for the next venue if you guys get a chance to!!! word is, a major D&D galleryshowing in Santa Monica in the coming months. I will keep y’all posted. Here’s a ton of photos below from my camera (but there were shitloads more that will eventually pop up online from other peoples cameras:))


5 Comments on DRIINK & DRAW SHENANIGANS!!!!!!!!


    Man, I would have LOVED to been there!

  2. Coree    

    Whats up Lesean…..You wasn’t lying, that sh*t was sick. Thanks again for keeping us updated with the blog and showing love at party. That Felipe wild out. HA! In any case I’ll try to catch up with yall on a tuseday at the work shop, but if not there the definetly at the next event.

    Here is Mah DeviantArt link I only got the one pic I showed you at the party but plan to put more up, Comment if ya get the chance.

    Peace, CS

  3. Kanokadafi    

    Awesome LES, looks like a great turn out. I’ll be at comic con debuting my moneygrip vinyl figure, I’ll have a table in artist alley and will be jumping around doing signing with different vinyl stores. We definitely gotta hook up, save me one of your drinking and drawing books, if you have any left lol. I just did Toy Fair with Toy Tokyo, shit was ill man, very interesting.

  4. Ross Burt    

    oh man, that looks like an awesome event, sweet artwork-a-kimbo!!

  5. UrbanBarbarian    

    Great seeing you! So glad your work is in the book!!!

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