Yes, that’s right chill’ren!!! The opus collabo sketchbook of the year is HERE! After a pleasantly fun evening of beers, chuckles and laughs with my art bredren, Dan Panosian, Jeff Johnson and the Rev. Dave Johnson about “midgets vs. tiny” discussions, deep and meaningful verbal disputes on time travel, supernovas and theories on the speed of light and sound, i was treated to an advanced copy of the dopest collaborative sketchbook ever. DRINK and DRAW SOCIAL CLUB VOL.1!! you have to see this thing to believe it. Featuring artwork from the gang, myself, Josh Middleton, Jim Mahfood, Kat Von D from Miami Ink, Felipe Smith, and countless more, this baby is gonna fly off the shelves come Feb 10 ( D&D launch party at MeltDown Comics on Sunset info to follow in the coming week). And i’ll say this, there’s gonna be some CLONES after this book drops. lol. but no worries about the competition, we’re hard at work on Vol.2 already. its gon’ be the BIZNESS!

Hit up AMAZON.COM! and pre-order your copy now!