My Day in Seoul

Here’s a short film i made commemorating my 365th day here in the Land of the Morning Calm, Seoul, South Korea. A glimpse of what a day here looks like.

6 Comments on My Day in Seoul

  1. amazing!!!

  2. Seoul + bossa nova = ohhh, yeahh

  3. Samax    

    nice. Another medium conquered! LOL!

  4. I was Lesean Thomas during 5:32.^^

  5. 8bit    

    ive been there. so nice :]

  6. Hey now…that’s for that connection…

    I know it has been a bit since you posted this video but I’m glad to see that Season 4 of the Boondocks is under way. I so look forward to that…and looking forward to another Midnight Marauder volume….

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