So. Yeah.

Finished some Boards for BEN10 last night here at Cartoon Network Studios (was workin pretty late) and i needed to draw something else. out of context. an idea for a sequence that’ll never make my graphic novel cause Odin doesnt fight ninjas in the story. i just wanted to sequence ninjas and odin.

decent practice.

rough boards, no notes of camera directions or dial. just needed to knock something out….these drwings are about as large as my thumb.


5 Comments on STORY-BORED

  1. ButterfishManiac    

    That’s what I always liked about your work aside from the usual aesthetic hotness. It was your storytelling. It always tight and on point.

    Nice job, also checked out, episode 03 of Boondocks, nice shout out to Deltron.

  2. Amer kokh    

    Can you please send me your E-mail lesean?
    I have something I want to talk to you about.

  3. libra bear    

    Cool panels, love the flow, hope all is good. Seen soul plane episode of boondocks, Definately better than all of season one, I’m looking forward to the rest of the season…

  4. Tony Fisher    

    Yea, I hope the writers of that show are doing some overtime as well because visually the show is amazing and lush. The writing on the other hand, is shit. Maybe I’m being too harsh. I’m sure writing something like that can be tough, but damn…

  5. Randy Bantog    

    great boards. I also dug your work in the fusion junction 2 book.

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