1. Thanks for sharing man. I love Sword of the Samurai too! Any ideas where we can find some of those Books here in LA? Any stores you reccomend? I would really love to get my hands on those books.

  2. Jovan    

    I’m not sure about L.A but some of these are very rare even here in Japan, your best bet might be to order from, I got a Gurren Lagann data/story board book there today, they had to unlock glas cases and it was wrapped in three plastic pockets,

  3. dude im gonna be truthful u r the most inspiring artist i have seen. i’ve been trying to start creating a book as a rough copy just to play around and test my skills. but u r the frign chocolate warrior. thank god u exist because dude artist like u r hard to find and if anything i hope ur art changes the world cause so far i know countless people who know about “the boondocks” dude u r a boss!

  4. To see a brother who is successfully doing what he loves in the animation industry is truly inspirational. I purchased the Midnight Marauder book at a book sale at my school my first semester of animation not knowing who you were or your ethnicity but just purely intrigued and fascinated with respects to the work I saw in that book which eventually led me to checking out your web site and video blogs. Going into my second year of animation this semptember has me realizing the politics, drawbacks and biases there are in the animation field in north America as well as realizing that I don’t want to be a one dimensional artist stuck doing only character design which is what my goal was upon being accepted into the program I’m in. The idea of film and story and all it encompases has surely grown on me since the end of my first year, and to see another brother doing what I want to do eventually upon graduating, and doing it well, again is definetly inspirational. I would ask that you continue to show us all your great works as well as your inspirations, as im noticing that a lot of the books you’ve shown here aren’t available where I’m from. Luckily I have a friend who’s brother is teaching English in South Korea so an efforts being made to get some of those materials sent our way to keep our minds open to not only whats common for animation here in north America but what’s happening abroad as well. One question I would love to have you answer for me is how did you get your break doing what you’re doing in South Korea and what advice would you give to other young animators looking to work outside of Canada and the United States? Other than that I wish you all the best with your endeavors and I look forward to seeing your future works. One love.

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