My some of my current STASH of artbooks I’m absorbing at the moment.

what’s in your stash!?!?!


  1. Atoms    

    That's some awesome stuff! Me, I actually get my inspiration from a number of places such as movies, music, television and other peoples' blogs. Also, since this is the first time I'm commenting on your blog let me just say that I love your work on the boondocks. I saw a load of your concepts online and watched a lot of the Boondocks online. It really helped me improve my work on expressions and shading.

  2. Chris Sims    

    Very nice, I really want those Afro books. The Takeshi Koike book doesn't look official though. You must have friends in high places LeS!

  3. Cavalier Design Works    

    Thanks for sharing LeSean, Seeing those books really makes me want to get more into the storyboard game for animation. I have a few art/Illustration books myself (SNK, Capcom, a Cowboy beebop design book, Art of Samurai Champloo, etc. and of course a few of your books as wel–lol) But nothing like those books you have. You're right though it's always good to study from other artist who are doing what you want to do & draw inspiratin from their work. Looking forward to seeing more of your work man–Stay UP!

  4. Warwick Urquhart    

    That Takeshi Koike book looks amazing. Thanks for so sharing it. Glad I got a glimpse of it.

    My own favourite art books are Dream worlds by Hans Bacher, 0range by Koji Morimoto, and maybe Ashley Woods Metal gear solid book. Although I like the massive stash of art stored on my computer more than any book.

  5. Chris Sims    

    Yo, LeS, I know you're a fan of Creon. Are you aware of his sketchbook RAW? It can be found on lulu if you're interested.

  6. I’m runnig to fullmetal alchemist brotherhood alot lately

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