Ok so now i’m back to putting artwork up, this blog is turning more into an events update page and less about my artwork as of late so, i’m returning to my favorite defuncted project, THUNDERCATS: ANIMATED SERIES. originally supervising character designer in development and has now been canceled, but i still did some fun stuff on it. the above characters are the kids who turned into each cat. you can get an idea of who turns into who. and the big, bad ugly guy in the back, well we all know him dont we? This was a layout i produced after initially designing the new kids. This piece is also a teaser from my highly anticipated forthcoming second artbook: MIDNIGHT MARAUDERS: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol.2

fun stuff, hope ya like!

8 Comments on THUNDERCATS! HOOOOO!!!

  1. Chris Sims    

    This would have been a great project. I dont know how well it would’ve been excepted though. A lot of people just dont like change.

    Looking forward to Midnight Marauders!

  2. UrbanBarbarian    

    Why ya’ gotta hurt a friend with art work like this?!?!?! I’m quitting the whole drawing thing now!

  3. El Gran Frikiton    

    Wow!! Great artwork!!! I’ve ben taking a look at your entire blog an I,ve seen that you’ve draw some TMNT.
    The question is: I’ve in “El gran Frikiton”, a blog for freaky monthley art!! This month subjetc is TMNT, so, if you want, you could sen us one!!!
    The link is:

  4. Pencilism!    

    This is amazing! Man, you can REALLY draw!

    You’re a trully inspirational draftsman. Just the way I like it. A man, a pencil, and his paper. OLD SCHOOL!

    Right Click* SAVE


  5. j. scott    

    Man, that is some line-work energy! Really dig it…

  6. libra bear    

    When I look at your drawings its like I can hear and feel the energy of the pencil. Music to my ears. Cant wait for boondocks season 2.

  7. Dawood Marion    

    whuss up man – we spoke at the Robocon joint on Hill Street the other night, Thanks for the jewels. Your Nervous (sketchbook) is bangin’. You ah’ legend in the making – keep it movin’

    …Oh and hit me when you can.

  8. I really like it when folks get together and share opinions.

    Great blog, stick with it!

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