Sup y’all.

Here’s some much requested Boondocks season 2 production art.

For those of you not familiar with my job as Supervising Character Designer on the show, my job was to read the script, design a rough layout of every single character as how i think Aaron would like them in a line up, then submit it to Aaron Mcgruder for approval (with his notes for changes and suggestions). But not before it gets approved by Producer Carl jones, Supervising Directors Bob Hathcock and Seung Kim.

Very streamlined process to maintain quality and consistency to aaron’s vision. after they are approved, I then sit down with the production manager and art co ordinators to delgate which designer (in house and freelance) gets to turn the designs, how many designs are needed and which character require priority.

after i sit and draw every fricken character design in its springboard stage, lol, i then get to focus on the main characters with Seung Kim (costume changes, visual narative changes, etc).

it’s a pretty dense production with LOTS of designs and art.

Above, is the first of a 4 page line up featuring all the characters in last night’s episode “BALLIN'” where Riley learns the true meaning of teamwork through basket ball.

next to it is an omitted part of the original story where Grandad has a flashback to when he was a young point guard for the WASHINGTON GENERALS.

hope this stuff is interesting to y’all. this shit was hard work for us! but fun tho!