Ok so it’s official. I’ll be attending the NYC comicon this coming weekend , Feb 24th and 25th. I’ll be actually signing with Comic Book Mogul, MIDTOWN COMICS, Sunday FEb 25th at 3:30-4:30PM at BOOTH #645. They’re not hard to find. The ill thng about this is, this is the first time i’ll be signing as a professional at a convention in NYC ever! So this is a speacial thing for me, however small a time frame it is, lol (i can’t believe i actually made time to attend, lord knows i have no life with all the work lined up). I’ll be bringing it home for my hometown with MIDTOWN COMICS (where i used to shop regularly in my early twenties). They are carrying NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS: The ARt Of LeSean Thomas Vol.1 sketchbooks for me to sign, as well as Boondocks Complete Season 1 DVDS to scribble on!! Definately come through and show love *and easy on the season 2 questions, it’s COMING!, lol*

I remain y’all,