So yeah i’m currently still destroyed over jetlag, but i’m right on time. Europe was amazing. couldn’t ask for a more better vacation time and i was gone just enough too.

It’s amazing what a small place like Europe (by comparison to our country) can do to a person who’s never been there before. I’ve got photos here on my myspace page.


Upon my arrival from LAX airport, I felt this immmediate sense of overstanding of how much we take for granted here in this country. Also how little we know about what goes on outside our own excess, vanity and oft-times ignorance as americans. this aint no soap-box critique, just emoting. Despite it’s history and ugly social residue that still floats atop liberty’s bath water, the big ol’ tub we call the “United States” is still my home. And i did feel a little sense of privilege as i came back through customs in Atlanta when i arrived a day and a half ago.

That being said, i’d still move to europe in a fuckin heartbeat. The women, the wine, The art and Architecture, the people and the eclectic mix of ancient and modern (ESPECIALLY ROME) that all organically melds together is truly a wonder to behold. A serious place to consider for artists to spend their last years i believe. As i got in my car yesterday, driving down Venice Blvd from my awesome 4 hour lounge-out with Legend Glen Murakami, Eric Canete and great friend and talent, Alan wan at Cartoon Network studio’s Ben-10 episode meeting (i LOVE those dudes. and i had no clue Glen was so familiar with my work), i realized how UNINTERESTING our architechture and infrastructure was by comparison to walking past Rome’s “Piazza De Spagna.”

Or by comparison the flat, desert-like terrain surrounding a mall strip on Pico Blvd compared to the surprise of Emperor Hadrian’s “The Pantheon” peeking out from around a crowded street corner or the random, yet completey ordinary rush of a scooter almost hitting me from around a seedy little cobble-stoned alley way as i look up at “The Collesseum” peeking down at me at night in from beneath the awning of an after hours Wine Bar. Even moreso, The Markets of Florence Italy, or the awe of “The Arch of Constantine” or the nightlife of “The Lungo Tevere.” I realize how YOUNG this country is as i returned and although i’m sure America has its secret treasures of history (a proper cross country trek would surely reveal that), nothing compared with eating a Gelatto, with a fine-ass Roman beauty infactuated with my “Awareness for an american,” lol, inside a man-made structure that was built centuries before Christ was even born. YOU just cant get that here. but it is my home. And italian is HARD to learn (even though my Roman friends think i can learn it easy because my spanish accent is pretty dope when i do speak a lil italian, haha!). Even the New-yorkish London, with its victorian accents and Aristicratic highllights (and also beautiful sistahs and is expensive and all holy fuck) reeks of history unique its own and still plays a major part aesthetically, structurally and culturally in it’s inhabitants day to day dealings. not to say it isnt here with us in the US of A, i’m just saying.

In anycase, Although i wish i could have stayed a month longer, i am glad that i’m back simply because i have SO much to do and so much is happening this year (The Boondocks Season 2!). I’ve been up to my armpits in work and top-secret projects since i touched the LA pavement a couple days ago. wish me luck y’all,