Well, NYC Comicon came and went and i have to say it was pretty thorough. I missed the first one, but from what i heard, this year was a lot better. For a first-timer, this was pretty overwhelming. i had this faint memory of Sandiego comicon exhaustion by the time i was ready to go. I guess that means the con overall was a success. It’s easily the best convention i’ve been to on the East Coast. And yes, it shits on megacon, wizard world chicago, and pretty much any east coast con and rightfully so, it SHOULD, it’s NYC: The home of mainstream comic books! i’m really glad i have a new con to hit every year in my hometown. I personally think as far as comic shows go, NYC needed this shit. And it’s paying off. It’s about half the size of sandiego, and i was told they’ll be occupying the entire javits center next year. Best believe i’ll be repping NYCC ’08!! As for the con experience itself, i wanted to give a big thanks to MIDTOWN COMICS for showing me love and for an amazing signing. the line was HUGE to my surprise( i’m always surprised when people want to meet me because of my work) and we even had to cut it short and unfortunately turn people away after an hour. I had no idea how many Boondocks fans were out there.

NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS: The Art of LeSean Thomas Vol1 copies sold out pretty quickly at the midtown comics booth as well. Fans were happy to get their copies signed, their Boondocks Dvd discs signed along with free Boondocks, Cannon Busters and Battleseed sketches. Thanks to the fans for the huge turn-out as well as politikin’ with me and making my first NYC comicon signing experience a memorable one. Shout outs to the Madtwinz (we gotta hit the Coffee Shop again, but only if it’s at 4am, lol) , Khary Rhandolph (i didn’t find shorty when i went to the party, lol) , Kano, Keron, Sanford, Brandon Easton, Eric Canete, my peoples, Gerald and Gerard, Grey, Mark Brooks, E.N.D. (you ready homie!?) Howard and the crew at POPCULTURESHOCK.COM and the rest of the cats i chilled with for a good time. Most importantly, thanks to my family up in the South Bronx… i miss y’all already. Now that i’ve got my creative reboot, it’s time to hit the table again and get things ready for San Diego… here’s some more pics below, some pulled respectfully from other sources.

i remain y’all,